Constructed Amateur Warblings: SSTV

Digital amateur radio transmissions are primarily designed for efficiency. Even so, their sonic qualities are striking, such as the 1970s synthesizer-like sounds of RTTY, the atonal warblings of JT65 or FT8, or the techno beat of slow-scan television (SSTV). As part of my residency on the Eleonore, I developed variations of SSTV that foregrounded its sonic, aesthetic qualities.

For this live performance as part of MAKE ME A SIGNAL on 12.9.2021 I worked with a form of SSTV that has a nice beat of around 140bpm. I wrote computer code that generated particular types of images that resulted in danceable melodies and rhythms. The code to generate this is available.



Thanks to ShuLea Cheang, Franz Xavier, Tanja Brandmayr, and the entire STWST 48x7 team.